Sunday, April 21

Anti-tobacco campaign launched !

Saptamabarera public awareness about the harmful effects of tobacco to the Ministry of Health launched the campaign. Consequently, the Ministry of Health at a press conference on Tuesday, the television spot ‘was inaugurated by Health Minister Zahid Malik of dhomya.
Television Spot “dhomya length of 30 seconds at the press conference, the minister of health, public awareness of the harmful aspects of the indirect message of smoking, smoking and use of tobacco products (Control) Act and the rules and the obligation to comply with the requirement for public places and transportation is illustrated awareness messages . This is some of the most popular TV channel will be aired on July 15, a million times in two months. According to the minister, in accordance with the laws and rules that regulate smoking in smoke-free places percent sticker was created to display the message. “Hundred percent smoke-free” stickers will be on display throughout the country.
Press conference, the Ministry of Health and Health Syed Manjurul Islam and anti-tobacco activities with the members of the organization were present

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