Friday, June 14

Who called the police and handed over to the Ministry of Education twister !

A racket of the Ministry of Education declared the names of the officials concerned siksapratisthanasaha redeemed across the country are demanding that the money allegedly. In many cases, the Ministry carried out naturally in a variety of actions as well as their achievements, asserted that the alleged fraud stealing money through other means. A statement on Tuesday handed over to a nearby police station to seize the pratarakake from the Ministry of Education has been requested.
The statement further said that the nationalization of educational institutions, buildings, emapibhukta, open issues, such as the Ministry of Education approved the project work routine, which follows a specific process is carried out as normal. There is no provision for the recovery of public money for such purposes. Ministry officials or employees for any job can not claim any money.
Or someone working under the Ministry of Education offices or have taken such a demand for money, something that drastic measures would be taken against him if found guilty.
The Ministry of Education for not giving any money to anyone for any purpose siksapratisthanasaha from all concerned ministries have been requested specifically. Information statement.

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