Friday, June 14

Broken walkway

“Every day, morning and afternoon, before walking would do. There is no longer a walk in the environment. Lakeside walkway is broken. “The words Amirul Islam was a resident of Uttara Sector-1.
Uttara Sector-1 is the only lakeside walkway is broken. Locals tried to help illegal buildings at different times to free the road of reform and did not respond.
Seen first hand, lakeside walkway walk now ineligible. The soil has collapsed in several places. Two of essential commodities and sat next to the small store, drugstore, food and hotels have been built rickshaw garage. Even on the road, having nirmanasramikadera temporary houses have been built. The man on the street to come lakeside almost non-existent.
Highways Road tola Khalpar lakeside walk starting from a short distance without having to stop to go to the streets. The front portion of the collapsed bank have disappeared. And the way that people are not using. The opportunity to walk along the side of the road has been built up in these shops.
In this regard, 1 Sector Welfare Association General Secretary AKM nasirullaha said, “We have endeavored to preserve the lakeside Walkway. But do not cooperate with the appropriate authority. “He added,” When are illegal
They have to go to WASA and WASA, they are sent to the City Corporation. Thus we have one department to another department roaming around for a long time, but I can not find any help. “

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