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Not possibilities middle age crisis?

Jamil’s 5-year-old. Its a bit of his becoming irritable lately. The only son is abroad. A few days ago, lost his father. He takes himself too alone. Sometimes think, ‘If you could go back to the previous days’ or’ offices rather than co-workers about how to stay ahead, “and so on. He can not sleep at night. Bed, folks, this is not the life he found nothing, nothing was done. There is always an argument with his wife every day, as a result of spending time does not become intimate. The body is weak.

Mr. Jamil middle age is the age. The average life expectancy of 60 to 45 people around the world from this period is called middle age. This time, both men and women a kind of life started to change. Bayasajanita due to some hormones and physical changes, due to circumstances that mindsets are changing. In 1965, the US psychiatrist Jack Elliott, the first of his writings, “said midalaipha of kraisisa. Bayasatite this kind of tension in the life of both men and women can be. However, in this age of everybody’s life, but not a crisis. Woman’s life comes a little earlier, a little later in life than men. Variation crisis purusabhede different women. One study showed, in the United States, about 5 percent of middle-aged crisis midalaipha suffer. There is a great debate on the issue. According to a study from the University of Alberta in Canada recently, midalaipha crisis that is something different. Most studies midalaipha or middle age crisis is a crisis that has been like.

A large part of the lives of women during this time of crisis is to change the physiological, hormonal variations, body signs of age. Anxiety and depression are sometimes added as an extra. For men of middle age crisis is quite different. At the time, his work, success and failure, and sex lives compare with each other fell to the crisis. His psychiatrist Harold Cohen, “The Mail midalaipha crisis,” the article pointed out that the ongoing burden of life. Along the way, he was very hard to bear some of the burden. That midalaipha Crisis. This time, I remember a lot of work, which has not been done, remember a lot of non-availability of which is not. Privacy hurt a lot of heart, a lot of latent desire was revived.

What are the signs of middle age crisis

* Unable to himself rather than his fellow-conceived.

* Suddenly vehemently sought to get something; There is no such home, be home anyway; There are cars, cars will have to buy anyway.

* Try to feelings of loneliness, with the option to choose the path of some of the negative; Such as addiction to alcohol, intimate relationship with someone of the opposite sex caught up in the third.

* Youth feel compelled to get back into force, expressed disappointment.

* By virtue of his own life and the lives of all the time-I mean to express dissatisfaction.

* Husband and wife married life and love crack.

* Totally indifferent to their children or to be more caution.

*-Without any reason to suspect that the people around them.

* Additional purchases.

* Bothered to everything around them, to be bored.

* Inconsistent caught up in adventure.

There is some truth to midalaipha Crisis, the more he may argue; Moddakatha this time will be better. With all aspects of the body and the mind. Which would be better to stay in the middle age, experts believe, are the

The first body care

As middle age heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure disorders of various ages. Therefore, a balanced diet, healthy lifestyle and regular medical examination of the body must be able-bodied age.

Emergency heart care

At this age there is no reason to think himself alone. In addition to family, friends, co-workers will spend time with. Keep in mind to go for a walk, listen to music, and you can watch the movie; You can even take part in any social service.

Keep healthy conjugal relationship

Suddenly fall into a love of adventure in accord with anyone who did not build any relationship, breach of your marriage. Do not doubt your partner or mate and unnecessary. If you think a problem kholamane talk to each other. Maintain a healthy sexual relationship on a regular basis to keep the marital relationship. Do not be ashamed if you do not feel any problem consult a doctor.

Focus on child

If you do not have to concern themselves only with the child’s responsibility to look after. Child carrier, etc. Allow sufficient time for his trouble.

Keep bright realm

Love your work place. What got, what contributed to the calculation of the mix. See, your success pallai heavy. And if you have not sat down to calculate, compare yourself with co-workers, however, will fall despair.

Financial Management

The income and expenditure account. Stay needed to store. Any future needs; Such as medical, child education, marriage, etc. Financial prepare.

Be attentive to the spiritual and social

To satisfy his own soul, live morally. Comply with their religious rules. Take part in social events.

To avoid negative

To become addicted, to refrain from reading into an immoral relationship. If you think that going into a relationship, then discussed the matter with your husband or wife. What he thought, would not it, how you can come out of this relationship, discuss it. Take the necessary expertise.

Middle adolescence or adolescence, such as a special time, when people learn to recognize himself apart than ever. As the crisis this time tomorrow, or whatever the crisis, continue to be in control of himself, but from middle age could begin a new life, a turning point. Ucchalataya full brightness and you can make yourself. Follow one family and the workplace can become everyone’s favorite. So madhyabayasake age of crisis, is it a positive view of life, as well as the time madhyabayasake Build possibilities.

Why is this crisis

Physical changes

The body does not have the same mettle. Hormonal changes. Some men demand sexual or decreases.

Work pressure

Most of the men in this age of his career at the middle position. He wants to give himself the best shot. But the successes as well as failures, he never disappoints.


I understand that people are coming to the end of his time at this age, some of which should be soon. As a result of the kind of pressure he felt.

The loss of parents

In many cases, middle-aged parents died. As a result, he made a sort of emptiness.

The children were away

The children in the study, or get married, and never goes away. As a result, the gap increases further.


Marriage between husband and wife can be. The third one is compromised penetration conjugal relationship.

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