Tuesday, May 30

Nifty lunch harness !

Nifty-afternoon light, and two of these can be seen easily. Rupabisesajnara giving advice without thinking about summer clothing, makeup, jewelry everything to keep the light itself. If you would prefer a bit more comfortable in the heat of the feast day of the trappings. Banathai repeatedly and beauty syalanera rupabisesajna Kazi Kamrul Islam highlighted as some of the provisions in the invitation to lunch.
A little less than those of age, the eye makeup can also choose different colors for harnesses says Kazi Kamrul Islam. Lipstick, pink and brown colors are mixed together and used to walk to. Understand the need to use skin color lipstick.

Besa very light. Paudarai Foundation enough. Interfacing with the news lipstick should be, it is not. Lips were light orange lipstick. Michelle light pink and gray dress. Aisyadote light brown and golden touch. If you do not see very well, but will not be able to catch up. Mekaapata should be the same. This snigdhabhaba lightly dressed as possible. Comb the hair is high.

Ebarera ash and yellow dress. Eye, eye shadow, eye liner, are the same. Kajalata has been out just a little. Do not wear eye shadow using the eye if you can arrange lunch. Masakara and Kajol will be with a different look. Light pink lipstick on the lips. Hair pulled to one side of the bun.

A gorgeous eye makeup. Kajol for showing large white eyes. Amasrnabhabe white eye shadow has been fitted in the upper portion of the eye from the corner. Orange tunic, blue eyes contrasting color palajjo harness. Bun hair sample was randomly.

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