Sunday, July 21

You can not harness the water !

The zoom the rain, the sun katakate. Sweating heat-bathed Taste of Cherry. Going back to the rain. Weather matigati the same. How long this time twelve harnesses. So a few things to keep in mind the makeup experts suggested. According to them, this time because of sweat and rain-two panirodhaka mekaape to choose cosmetics.
Some who work every day to get out, how they sajabena rupabisesajna Afroza Parveen said. He stuck to recommend hair sample will ease. Do not leave the hair in front of the tight byakabrasa or light can be proud panitela. The heavy weather mekaapake to say ‘no’.
A tailored dress in period garb caimukhe the only compact powder, eye makeup panirodhaka, mascara and lipstick lips. It does not look very pale face and lips, but he can harness the dark. Now it’s dark and dark-colored lipastikerai.
Rupabisesajna bapana Rahman said phrasteda glossy lipstick or not at the time. Matte lipstick can be used now. Red light during the day and at night, coffee, maroon, brown, purple, peach-colored lipastike look gorgeous. If you were to give the worms lipstick, skin tone before the leap to coincide with the liner to fill the entire lip. And with a little bit of it on your favorite lipstick to draw clear. If you do not look glossy lips and lipstick color will appear too.
Ill-advised on some of the weather bapana Rahman. At that time, the Foundation to avoid over heating. The dry or matte makeup to the upakaranai. Before the frost in the face after rubbing a piece of makeup lopakupagulo will be closed. As a result, less ghamabe face. Then dry with a compact face powder and mixed with a good quality in the face of a little baby powder puff to be well. Blasana night invitation can be used. However, it should not worms at all. Wipe your face and you can take a little bit of light-colored matte blasana. I put the pencil in the eye, do not use eye shadow that can be mixed with fingers or a brush. Green, blue, purple, brown eye pencil in many colors are available now. One step lighter than your skin tone to highlight powder compact, but can be utilized.

A tailored dress in period garb caibhru pairs being too thin brown when mixed with a very small amount of dark eye shadow brush with a man can take. But there is no need to do this if you frequent eyebrows. The makeup can be better than summer. So seamer, pancake, lipaglasa these things to be the best at this time of day drayarei dressing table.

Use a sunscreen lotion to keep skin rain-rainy day rather than bhaloekhana the skin along with the BB cream, sunscreen cream or powder, use cc. At least 1520 minutes before going outside, they were put under.
Afroza Parveen, however, believe that if a little is good, a liquid foundation brush to blend with the sundaramato can be used at this time. However, if it is to cause discomfort, skip it. Turnover of self-confidence and greater sbastitai. So, dressed in soft feeling to the dark side of the Force masakarara thick lipstick and paparite. These two things are enough to make it interesting mukhatake. Natural beauty in the eye that can pick eye shadow.
When you are ready to go out of the harness light at the end of the spray makeup fixing spray, please. This helps keep the makeup for a long time. It does not matter why; If you go without being caught in a rush of rain or if the sweat will not wipe your mouth with a tissue or cloth that. The makeup will come up. Keep the powder puff compact all the time rather than handbags. If necessary, you can adjust the mekaapata with puff.

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