Thursday, June 20

What to eat ?

laccha long or vermicelli
You tend to eat more or less vermicelli. According to pustibidadera, fried vermicelli vermicelli is not the time to buy, buy, buy raw vermicelli. Fry the room. Most of the vermicelli vermicelli factory is very unhealthy environment. In addition to these, especially in the process of developing methods of drying and unhealthy environment. Drayarera semaiye fly instead of sitting under the open sky of the sun dried, the dust. Therefore, various germs semaite lodge. Not all bacteria are killed vermicelli cooking method, but if you fry frying heat in the house to buy raw vermicelli germs die for sure. And on the domestic market, nutrition, how long, and can be found playing laccha vermicelli, he said Birdem General Hospital, chief nutritionist akhatarunnahara light.
Laccha vermicelli made with flour and domestic long because it contains nutrients. However, that is fried with ghee laccha semaite amount of nutrients is more.

Laccha which plays vermicelli
It can be found playing calories. Nowadays, more and more different positions laccha recipe is made with vermicelli. Semaiye various components are being used, as well as accessories. The material used in nutrition from the match.

Which will play the domestic long vermicelli
This includes sugar. However, during the cooking butter, milk, sugar, nuts using the same amount of nutrients can be found in the domestic long semaiteo laccha semaiyera.
The book: SM Najibullah Chowdhury

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