Sunday, July 21

Congrats to the normal daily …

At the end of the holy month of Ramadan comes to a happy Eid. Everyone was enjoying the festival. Organized a dinner party at home is different. Just do not eat all of it; Friends, relatives fed, their invitation to take part-bhuribhoja inevitable. The only vermicelli, rice, not phiranii, dried fruits and nuts that firni the wonderful prosperity. Chicken, mutton and beef. Vegetable entered the day as the festival. Grill chicken, mutton Tikka, patty, barbecue teachers special gift. With Tandoori bread, nan, paratha program. Polar, chicken or mutton biryani must have. After dessert-donut, latex, firni, rabari.
The festival ends. Back to normal eating habits after Ramadan and Eid is a challenge as well. Sometimes abdominal pain, amladhekura, low-weight, grow, bukajbala, gyastraitisa are coupled. Eid gluttony, with the first days of fasting after passing adapt himself to return to normal daily meal can be a little difficult for some. No one feels tired. Ghumerao problem. For this advice, managed to get to the problem.
. * Before morning prayers, some nuts and dried fruit if you like the taste.
* The first breakfast is so light and bland, at least for the first few days after Eid. Chira-like curd, bananas or oatmeal and bananas. Toast bread, low-fat milk, poached egg.
* Sahari and Iftar mealtime gradually changing the time will return to normal daily matches.
* Big meal of the day, such as lunch and dinner meal and two snacks between meals, fruits, nuts, whey, it can be eaten.
* Every single meal should not overeat. Food plays a little bit better, not too full stomach. If you can avoid indigestion and acid.
* Calories throughout the day will be limited. Sweet, sweetie, sweet dish is eaten a lot of Eid, his taste is still in the low-fat or low medahina made dessert can be eaten with milk. Dates instead of sugar or honey can be added. Improve the quality of their calories, taste more.

Despite the intensity of the excess food during Eid dharakka more healthy and fresh as it can be, well, if that alert. The festival can be enjoyed in many ways. Healthy ways to enjoy it. Why make it more rich, ‘greatly’ not ‘Sir,’ the much better. If you come back to normal after a lot smoother and simpler.

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